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IT Consulting Services

Receive world-class managed IT services, support and talent. LSA Recruit delivers cost-effective solutions for your most complex projects and initiatives in a timely fashion. Here’s what sets our IT managed services and talent apart:


LSA Recruit Differentiators

Global Delivery and Presence. LSA Recruit delivers IT consulting services and resources to projects and clients nationally and globally. We specialize in hiring the top qualified and proven consultants in the managed IT services industry with support from regional offices across the country.

Global Recruitment Center Model. By leveraging leading tools, technologies and our proprietary process, we can narrowly target a highly qualified pool of candidates for your job profiles. We begin by sourcing locally, but have the reach to recruit globally for specialized requirements.

Nationally Recognized, Award-Winning Ownership. At PEAK we understand and embrace the importance of quality and diversity. We believe that all businesses, large or small, majority- or minority-owned, should be afforded an equal opportunity to compete. We strive for diversity in our workforce and work with our clients, partners and suppliers to increase the importance of a diverse workforce population within their enterprises.

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