UX Designer

Job Description:


  • We work at the front end of development, so you’ll research the peer landscape or interview stakeholders before a workshop.
  • Then create personas/profiles, journey timelines, sketches, storyboards, mappings before and in a workshop.
  • You’ll contribute to the Event and Concept Summaries afterward.
  • Then in some projects, move forward to visual mock-ups, wireframes, visual screens for PoCs (Proof of Concept) and sometimes interactive prototypes and visuals for MVPs (Minimum Viable Product).
  • We’ll need you to keep abreast of design standards (e.g., design patterns) and keep the team informed.
  • We encourage learning to create videos and service blueprints to define a design.

Required Experience:

  • Able to guide breakout teams in a design or design-thinking workshop with clients at various levels
  • Able to participate in exploratory design-thinking user research, interviews, observations, Un Focus groups
  • Able to collaborate in ideation, prototyping, evaluation, documentation; give and receive inputs and feedback
  • Adapt to different styles of organization and communication; listen and communicate well, yourself
  • Design-thinking application across business sizes, industry sectors, and product/service/organization
  • Flexibility and openness while still being action and achievement-oriented; able to self-manage
  • Teamwork with multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural colleagues both locally and globally
  • Coaching designers and s/w developers on new ways to inspire, generate ideas, prototype, evaluate and change
  • Sense of humour and empathy, even in a slow WebEx call on a long day
  • International travel experience